The short story is I needed something to do, the long story, well that's a bit of a walkabout.

I wandered into a ceramic studio around 1999 as I worked on a BFA degree in Texas. I fell in love with the earthy material, the smell of the wood kiln and how calm the clay made me feel. However, the semesters did not line up and instead I majored in Sculpture and minored in Photography. Years later I was living in a small apartment and there was no room for my welding studio or power tools. I wanted to make art again. I found myself wandering into a community ceramic studio in Colorado. The love was still there, however, just a few months later my mom passed suddenly. There was a large block of time where it was too painful to do what I truly loved, art. I turned to music for the healing. I sang in a band and worked on songwriting for many years. The drive to make art was always there, but the time that had passed left a scar of doubt in my mind. I decided, with the support of my husband, to try my hand at school again. Got started on a Design degree, then came baby. Our little one became the focus for me in so many ways. It affected me in a way that I can only now see in my art.

So once again I wandered back into a ceramic studio, my own. I have now been working steadily on ceramics for four years. I recently turned forty, got a kiln, and now play in clay everyday I can in my one car garage in Morrison, Colorado. As a family we spend as much time outside as we can. The mountains are wonderful backdrops to our life. My ceramics are a direct reflection of that natural inspiration. Made with my hands that have experienced a lot, looked over with my eyes that have seen so much and loved with my heart that has felt it all. I pour my soul into every beloved object I make. Each treasure is one of a kind. Clay has what we Potters call memory. If you bend or dent the clay, even if you repair the visual flaw, the clay will show it. I embrace this wonderful phenomenon allowing each object to be slightly different then the next.

I am Patricia, I'm the proud artist of Macana Studio.


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